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Markus Hellwig

Dentist and implant surgeon


  • Born in 1970 in Ulm; grew up in Bavaria and in the Saarland 
  • 1 year as an exchange student in Michigan, USA 
  • After Secondary School-Leaving Certificate, 1 year work experience as a dental technician in Saarbruecken 
  • Studies at the Flemish University in Brussels and at the UKE in Hamburg 
  • 1999 Final Exams in Hamburg, followed by 2 years as an assistant dentist in Hamburg 
  • Own dental practice since 2002 (Hallerstrasse in Hamburg) 
  • Practising implantology since the year 2000 
  • Curriculum in implantology at the DGI, Final Exams in 2009 
  • The practice is moved in July 2012 to no. 150, Mittelweg
  • Married and father of twins





Dr. Melanie Henke

Dentist, Pedodontics, Endodontics


  • Born and raised in Hamburg                                 
  • Studied at the UKE in Hamburg
  • 1991 exam in Hamburg
  • 1992 conferral of a doctorate 
  • For many years working as an employed  dentist
  • 2009-2010 Curriculum Endodontics
  • 2013 Curriculum Pedodontics
  • Mother of three children



Stefanie Glückert

practice management &


Katja Fisch

dental hygienist &

dental assistant

Marion Bendixen

dental hygienist &

dental assistant



Manuela Drewello

born Jepsen

Dental Hygienist

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Wiebke A. Mosel 

Registration, Office

Mariam Resai

Trainees in the first year

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