If painful inflammation occurs inside the tooth or additionally in the root, nowadays the normal procedure is to save the tooth.


With modern endodontic treatments this is mostly successful.


Since many teeth have relatively curved roots with hair-thin nerve canals, a root canal treatment is often very time-consuming and challenging. However, it is almost always painless!


In our practice electrometric determination of the root canal length supplements X-ray diagnosis and thus reduces the number of X-rays which need to be taken.

Under the magnifying glass, the inflamed tissue is disinfected with extremely fine, flexible nickel-titanium irrigation cannulas down to every last corner, and mechanically scoured with nickel-titanium files. Special ultra-sonic technology aids in the disinfection.


In most cases, rapid placement of a crown is recommended to seal off the cavity.

A tooth maintained this way causes no further complaints and can remain in the jaw for years.